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Queen 2015 - Jeffrey McIlwain


Jeffrey has been an active member of the Krewe since 2001.  She designed and made our King’s first cape and crown along with 2003 Queen Debbie’s costume and the original Wine Spots costumes for our very first official parade. We are thrilled that Jeffrey will honor the Krewe as Queen 2015

                                      Agustin Huneeus 
                                              “Fine Wine is a Reflection of Place.”

Born in Santiago, Chile, Agustin Huneeus began his career there and is one of the few vintners who has dedicated his entire professional life to the wine industry.  After five decades in wine, he continues to be involved in projects spanning many of the new world’s top appellations. Perhaps best known today for creating Quintessa, the luxury wine and wine estate he owns with his wife Valeria in Rutherford, Napa Valley, Agustin, in partnership with his son Agustin Francisco, created Huneeus Vintners in 2005, a company dedicated to building a portfolio of family-owned fine wine estates. Together they have grown the portfolio to include Faust, a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon launched in early 2006, Illumination Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley, Flowers Vineyard and Winery on the extreme Sonoma Coast, The Prisoner Napa Valley Red Blend and Saldo Zinfandel from California. In South America, their projects include, Veramonte in the Casablanca Valley, Primus Estate in Colchagua Valley and the Neyen Winery and estate in the revered Apalta Valley. In his spare time, Agustin is a partner in Long Shadows Vintners with his wine Pirouette from Washington State, a cellist and an avid pilot.

Huneeus is recognized as a driving force behind the concept of terroir in the United States, insisting that it is the place that the grapes are grown, rather than the varietal, which gives wine its character and personality. The philosophy that great vineyards make great wine has been his guiding principle in the many projects he has taken on since moving to California. Agustin’s vast and diverse experience has led to other strongly held beliefs about the future of the wine business. He believes that “brands” play a minor role in the high end of the business; that it is place and type that the consumer truly seeks. He also believes that numerical ratings, as they are used today, are an aberration.

 Agustin Huneeus entered the wine business in 1960 as a principal stockholder and chief executive officer of Concha y Toro.  Then a small winery, Concha y Toro grew to become Chile’s largest winery under Huneeus’ leadership.  In 1971, Chile’s difficult political climate led Huneeus to leave his home country.  He subsequently headed Seagram’s worldwide wine operations, responsible for over a dozen wineries in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand, as well as California.  Eventually tiring of big corporation life, he moved to San Francisco and started Noble Vineyards in Livermore, which he later sold to Concannon. His next career was as partner and acting president of Franciscan, a role he took on in 1985. He returned to Chile to found Veramonte in 1990 in Casablanca Valley an undeveloped region that today is most famous for white wines and Pinot Noir. In his 14 years at the helm, Franciscan grew to include four prestigious California wine estates including the Franciscan Oakville Estate, Mount Veeder, and Estancia labels well as Veramonte from Chile. In 1999, Agustin and his partners sold Franciscan Estates to Constellation Brands


 Huneeus Vintners Portfolio:
 Faust - Flower Vineyard & Winery - Illumination - Neyen Espiritu de Apalta
Primus - Quintessa – Ritual – Saldo - The Prisoner - Veramonte




















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